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1. By paying online for your order you agree to our terms & conditions. Payments will be non refundable

2. We require 48hrs notice to complete any orders. This is to allow enough time to prepare the cake, decorate & set all lam lams.

3. Once orders are received by a customer Lam Lams is not held responsible for how the item is stored before it is consumed. It will always be our advice to store our product in the refrigerator at 4 degrees or under and consumed within 3 days of purchasing.

4. If edible flowers are used on any Lam Lams the customer agrees that flowers are provided by an outside source. Please note while we do our best to check carefully they may contain dirt or insects.

5. By selecting a pickup location for your Lam order, you agree to pick up the order. If you are unable to pick up you will arrange someone else to pick up for you. Lams are made fresh and if can't be picked up at arranged time you forfeit your order and money's are non refundable.


Lam Lams operates out of a fully licensed home kitchen, for this reason our kitchen comes in contact with many different ingredients and products. Before, during and after cooking we clean and sanitise all surfaces. However we can't guarantee that there will be no traces of milk, wheat, and other allergens. The customer accepts this by agreeing to purchase this product, and evaluates their own circumstances and any other people consuming our products.

Our plant based lams are made from dairy free ingredients, these still contain gluten. These could also contain traces of egg & dairy given all cakes are made in the one kitchen. However, all due care is taken to sanitise between baking.

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